Akrapovic, the Slovenian specialist of high performance exhaust systems, adds another incredible exhaust system to the range, with the plant Evolution titanium launch for Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63S Sedan and Station Wagon.

The Evolution system has two silencers, both with titanium valves built, produced in the foundry of Akrapovic, and the unique Active-X Connection also this produced in its foundry, which contains a central valve, which optimizes the sound and performance in all models of cars.

The Active-X Connection allows two different characteristics of sound and three different driving modes.

In Comfort mode and Sport mode, the X-Connection is open, releasing a continuous sound and finished to high frequencies. The rear valves are closed at low speed in Comfort mode for a quieter and more comfortable driving, while Sport mode the rear valves are open, releasing a sporty yet refined sound with high frequencies boosted.

In Sport + mode and Race mode, the central valve is closed and the open rear valves. The plant, perfectly tuned by the engineers of the Akrapovic sound, increases the sound emission, and gives the car a sporty roar and intense as V8 muscle car, without losing any of the characteristics typical of AMG sound.

Even the performance compared with the original is increased with the plant Evolution, which provides additional 5.9 kW (8 hp) at 2,000 rpm and an impressive increase in torque at 1,850 rpm of 27.9 Nm. These added benefits, linked to a strong savings of more than 45% weight compared to the original exhaust base, make the system a truly remarkable Evolution upgrades, while improving driveability thanks to weight reduction.

The plant is ECE and requires no remapping of the ECU nor addition of other parts.

The Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63S Sedan and SW are terrific cars with incredible power and a fascinating sound, and these characteristics can be further improved with the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust, which adds performance, style and an amazing soundtrack.

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