The experience gained through years of research in the competition field has allowed Brembo to create differentiated product lines according to the applications and the different research and development procedures adopted. Thanks to the results achieved the motor sport fans that replace the original brake system with Brembo High Performance products can not only improve their driving in terms of performance and security, but also increase the vehicle style content.

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The Brembo High Performance GT / GT-R systems are developed to guarantee the advanced technology that is the basis of Brembo Racing systems without sacrificing the typical handling characteristics and comfort of the original equipment systems.

O.E.- Original Equipment Not Brembo
The non-original Brembo plants generally use a heavy iron disc in low-grade and a floating caliper sliding limiting the performance seriously.

Essential oil Brembo – installations Original Brembo
The original equipment Brembo systems are superior to the original plant not opposed using Brembo fixed calipers with aluminum pistons differentiated and high carbon discs.

Systems Brembo Performance – GT / GT-R
The GT / GT-R systems are revolutionary both for their design and for the performance and no other manufacturer of brake is able to provide this level of performance, the range of configurations and applications. The GT / GT-R systems are a clear example of Brembo’s dominance as a world leader in high-performance brakes, as original equipment supplier and as a strong partner in motorsport.

Systems Brembo Racing
The racing systems are developed with the sole purpose of winning championships without compromise. This pinnacle of performance limits the possibility of incorporating the comfort and noise characteristics that are inherent in systems GT and GT-R.

Warning: The illustration “RANGE OF USE OF BREMBO BRAKE SYSTEMS” is purely for indicative purposes. Contact your trusted Brembo authorized dealer to choose the most suitable system for your needs.


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