News GT Feb 2023

Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) systems provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, as well as high-performance driving on road and track. Whether you want to improve the look of your car or enhance the performance of the braking system, Brembo Upgrade has a solution.

Designed and tested specifically for trackday enthusiasts and motorists who demand the most from their cars, Brembo Gran Turismo systems – based on components derived from the world of motorsport that represent the purest expression of Brembo’s cutting-edge technology – offer superlative performance and a true sporty look.

The systems use aluminum calipers with radial mounting and opposed pistons. Depending on the specific system and in increasing order of performance, the calipers can be in two pieces, one-piece or even one-piece machined from solid. The discs, which are larger in size, can be monolithic or compound, drilled or slotted.

Brembo systems are designed specifically for each vehicle to offer the perfect solution for the individual characteristics of each model.

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