RaceChip XLR: Throttle Tuning!

RaceChip XLR: Throttle Tuning!

News Race Chip Agosto 2021

More direct response time

7 individual gear configurations

perfect complement for chip tuning

RaceChip XLR – personalized driving dynamics

For even greater driving dynamics, RaceChip has developed the RaceChip XLR, an innovative tuning for the accelerator pedal that can reduce the reaction time of the engine, in a completely individual way in 7 different configurations.

The engine performance is not changed by the RaceChip XLR, but can be viewed directly and immediately. The driving behavior will be significantly more agile, similar to that of a sports car, without reaction delays or the famous “moment of reflection”.

The assembly can be carried out very easily without special technical skills.

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H&R suspension: for control and excellent driving.

H&R suspension: for control and excellent driving.

News H&R Agosto 2021

H&R is today one of the most important developers and manufacturers of sports suspension systems. All of its products are 100% made in Germany and exceed ISO quality standards; their absolute quality and the guarantee of an easy and immediate installation ensure that H&R enjoys a consolidated trust on the part of customers and operators in the sector. The range available is vast and includes suspension springs, anti-roll bars, spacers, threaded ring kits, ETS control units and competition sport springs.

H&R, the original – and always the best!

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Akrapovic: perfect assemblies, reduced weights, high performance levels and an unmistakable sound!

Akrapovic: perfect assemblies, reduced weights, high performance levels and an unmistakable sound!

News Akrapovic luglio 2021

Akrapovič is the leading manufacturer of high-performance exhaust systems for cars and motorcycles, as well as being a leader in the production of carbon parts and the innovative use of titanium. It uses the most innovative technology and only the best materials to ensure the highest quality standards, perfect assembly, reduced weight, the highest performance levels and the unmistakable Akrapovič sound.

More Horsepower, More Performance: Pure Power.

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Brembo Upgrade GT: the heart and soul of racing, now in a box.

Brembo Upgrade GT: the heart and soul of racing, now in a box.

News GT luglio 2021

Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) Systems provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, as well as superior high performance street and track driving. Whether you are looking to boost your car’s appearance or enhance the performance of the braking system, Brembo Upgrade has a solution.

Designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts and for drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars, these systems – consisting of motorsports derived components offering unmatched levels of technology in the market – offer superlative performance and an authentic race ready look.

The most complete range of upgrade braking systems on the market.

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Naming Pista FF
Pista Pinze FF

As part of the UPGRADE program, Brembo introduces the first members of a new family of forged racing calipers that have been engineered to offer maximum track and race performance at reduced costs.

Brembo’s unmatched experience in professional racing contributed to the development of this new family of forged calipers, with a unique design for maximal stiffness and optimized weight, typical in motorsport.

For popular track oriented cars, Brembo offers complete race systems dedicated exclusively to motorsports and designed to deliver the best results when used in the most extreme conditions: consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures.

The new PISTA | FF family is being introduced with a 6 piston – FF6 and a 4 piston – FF4 caliper, ideal for track use, where maximum performance and lap times are the goal.

The new Brembo PISTA | FF calipers have internal fluid path, designed in every detail to ensure an easy bleeding of the system. They also provide on request a quick release system to replace brake pads, as in endurance races, allowing pad changes without removing calipers.

Also from the design point of view, the new calipers of the PISTA | FF family recall the systems used by Brembo in top motor racing. They are characterized by an asymmetrical forged body, with a fixed tangential bridge and by the possibility of replacing the quick release with fixed elements to further increase their stiffness in sprint applications.


The new calipers are compatible with a wide range of disc sizes, and multiple pad shapes that are already available in the marketplace. Other calipers are expected to follow in the near future, with the aim to offer a complete range dedicated to those needing to combine track performance with competitive prices.

Naming Pista FF6 TY3
Pista FF6 TY5
Naming Pista FF6 TY5
Pista FF6 TY5
Naming Pista FF6 CCMR
Pista FF6 CCMR
Naming Pista FF4 TY3
Pista FF4 TY3
Naming Pista FF4 TY5
Pista FF4 TY5
Naming Pista FF4 CCMR
Pista FF4 CCMR
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