Sport EVO 500

Brembo Sport EVO 500 ++, the ideal brake fluid for all conditions, suitable for everything from daily driving to intermediate track use.

It is a reliable high quality fluid that improves pedal feel and guarantees consistent braking performance without the frequent inspection intervals of a specific racing brake fluid.

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Sport HP 2000
SPORT Pastiglie

Brembo Sport pads | HP2000, designed and tested for mainly road-sport use, are the ideal first level of upgrade for any braking system and guarantee consistent braking performance even under extreme conditions.

Designed not only for sport-drivers  but also for everyone who wants the best for his car, HP2000 pads stand out for their construction quality and the use of cutting-edge materials that only Brembo can guarantee.

The HP2000 specific friction material ensures constant performances throughout the temperature range, even without pre-heating and at low speeds. With an excellent cold performance & bite, high resistance to fade, friction stability throughout all operating conditions and low dust levels, the pads offer significant advantages over its rivals.

They work best in temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees, but are able to withstand much higher temperatures, up to 600 degrees, and are designed to mantain an excellent level of comfort and a low level of wear on both the disc and the pad itself.

The Brembo Sport pads are also distinguished by a high degree of modularity of the pedal, which allows total control of the braking action.

They are therefore the most suitable brake pads for motorists who always demand the best in braking, even in daily use, and ensure even greater efficiency when combined with the relevant Brembo Sport | TY3.

Designed to be a direct replacement for the Original Equipment (OE) pads.

Grafico Brembo Sport - Pastiglie HP2000

Bite – Friction measured at the beginning of braking action
Mean Friction – Average level of friction during braking
Control – Constant and high level of friction
Consistency – Capability to repeat the same curve of friction stop after stop
Pad Wear – Loss of material (reduction of thickness)
Heat Conduct – Thermal conductivity of the material
Compressible – Elasticity of the material during compression
Bedding – Ability to make the disc ready for a right use in short time
Fading – Reduction of friction level due to the temperature

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Sport TY3

The new Sport TY3 discs are the perfect product to enter the upgrade world of Brembo and are ideal for enthusiasts who use their vehicles for both normal road use and more performance oriented driving.  The Type 3 pattern and the Brembo logo are the exclusive style and technical elements that distinguish the new Brembo Sport disc.

Extensively used in professional motorsports, the Type 3 slot pattern comes directly from the Brembo Racing Department experience and offers a high initial response with excellent release characteristics, boosting the braking performance and giving an aggressive look on the car.

The new specific design of the braking surface improves the initial bite, brake modulation and the consistency of performance, thanks to the continuous regeneration of the pad friction layer allowing a more prompt and repeatable braking.

Thanks to the unique Type 3 slots  the heat generated and gas released as the pads come into contact with the discs are easily dissipated  keeping the pad surface both cool and clean.

Compared to an OEM disc, the new Brembo Sport | TY3 ensures an improvement in the feeling on the pedal, greater performance, stability and resistance to fading: qualities much appreciated by those who love sportier driving. With their advanced characteristics, these discs combine the durability of the best street discs with superior performance suitable for moderate track use.

The signature with Brembo logo on the braking surface  is a detail previously reserved only for discs used in competitions, which allows even the most distracted observer to immediately recognize the distinctive qualitative excellence and aesthetic refinement, that have always characterized Brembo products,  adding the exclusivity and distinctiveness that your car deserves and displaying the original source of the disc.

The Sport TY3 discs are plug and play as they are direct replacements for the OE discs.

disco sport

The new Brembo Sport disc | TY3 achieves his best performance when used with the Brembo Sport products: the Sport brake pad | HP2000 and Sport brake fluid | Evo500 ++, all characterized by the silver color.

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For the ultimate in weight reduction, tuning potential, and racing sound, Akrapovič offers stainless steel, downpipes, with or without cat, to make your car an even more powerful machine.

Delivering great sound, without creating unwanted cabin noise, these beautifully-crafted downpipes offer an upgrade to Akrapovič’s Evolution exhaust system.

When installing Akrapovič aftermarket optional cat-less down pipes, which are developed for use on closed tracks only, remapping the ECU is mandatory, in order to prevent potential »check engine light« warning signals.

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