Evolution exhaust systems are usually based on the Slip-On system, with additional link pipes. The Evolution Line helps deliver even more power and torque, unique resonant sound as well as weight reductions. These exhaust systems are available with a range of exquisite tailpipes in either carbon fibre or titanium.

Evolution performance exhaust systems usually include mufflers, link pipes and resonators that run from the stock down pipes back. These link pipes can feature larger-than-stock-diameter tubing and cast titanium flanges.

As with most of the company’s products, Evolution exhaust systems are “tested” by customers virtually every weekend on track days – it is how constant improvements are made.

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Akrapovič’s attention to details, materials, design, technology and optimal use is obvious with the Slip-Ons. With or without EC type approval, they are available in Akrapovič proprietary titanium and stainless steel that is fully tested by the company. These state-of-the art Slip-Ons that are a perfect fit for your vehicle help deliver improved power and torque, unique resonant Akrapovič sound as well as weight reductions.

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Recaro expands its sports seat offer with the new Pole Position ABE “Edition 2018″

Recaro expands its sports seat offer with the new Pole Position ABE “Edition 2018″

The latest innovation to the RECARO sport seats collection: RECARO Pole Position ABE “Edition 2018”

The new seat is being introduced, right in the year of the 50th anniversary of the first RECARO shell seat.

As a unique product in a limited edition of 300 pieces, it tops the range of the current RECARO Sport Seats Collection.


recaro nuvo sedile

Suggested retail price: € 1.375.

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Cars and Coffee 2017: Motorquality with Akrapovic at the supercar event!

Cars and Coffee 2017: Motorquality with Akrapovic at the supercar event!

Motorquality is once again a partner of Cars & Coffee Italy.
60 supercars joined the second event of 2017 for the Car Show in Turin at the Valentino park. In the court of the castle, Akrapovič contributed to warm up the atmosphere of this event, dedicated to all enthusiasts and owners of the best dream cars.


Watch the video and live this outstanding experience!

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Akrapovič at Cars & Coffee 2017: watch the video of the greatest Supercar event in Europe

Akrapovič at Cars & Coffee 2017: watch the video of the greatest Supercar event in Europe

On the outskirts of Brescia over 300 extraordinary cars met for the day. In the morning the event was reserved to car owners only but in the afternoon, after a short and smooth ride, 25.000 people gathered at Parco Giardino Sigurtà to greet the arrival of such an incredible group of 4-wheeled technology.



On April 9th Cars & Coffee and Akrapovič added a new great memory to a growing collection.
Watch the video and live with us this outstanding experience!

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Pastiglie HP2000 con scatola

The upgrade within reach of every car

Designed and tested for predominantly performance-oriented street use, Brembo Sport brake pads represent the first upgrade level for any braking system.

These products have been created for drivers with sporty ambitions and, more generally, for anyone who wants to maximise the potential of their car. These pads boast levels of manufacturing quality and advanced materials that only Brembo can offer.

They offer outstanding performance even without warming up and at low speeds, thanks to a specific friction material that ensures constant friction at all temperature ranges. In addition to enhanced performance, this material also ensures outstanding quietness and reduced disc and pad wear.

Brembo Sport brake pads also offer exceptional brake pedal precision, for total control of the braking force.

While they work best at temperatures between 200 and 300 °C, they can withstand much higher temperatures – up to 600 °C – and are designed to deliver both superlative performance and satisfactory levels of comfort.

These are therefore the ideal brake pads for drivers who demand the best from their brakes, even during everyday use, and are even more effective if used in conjunction with the appropriate Brembo discs.

Bite: Friction measured at the beginning of braking action
Mean Friction: Average level of friction during braking
Control: High level and constant coefficient of friction in the various conditions of use
Consistency: Capability to repeat the same curve of friction stop after stop
Pad wear: Loss of material (reduction of thickness)
Heat Conduct: Thermal conductivity of the material
Compressibility: Elasticity of the material during compression
Bedding: Ability to make the disc ready for a right use in short time
Fading: Reduction of friction level due to the temperature.

Brembo Sport pads are ECE-R90 approved, with marking to enable identification.


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Cross drilled or slotted direct replacement discs

Brembo Sport brake systems are designed to fit under the factory wheels and tires utilizing the original calipers to provide improved performance and appearance. Brembo Sport Systems offer excellent stopping power in everyday traffic and performance driving. The Sport system reduces operating temperatures and fade while improving wet weather performance and initial pad “bite”.

  • Choose direct replacement cross drilled or slotted discs
  • Most Sport discs come with the ABE approval, granted by the German Ministry of Transport

* Brembo brake systems are fully compatible with ABS and traction control system. All of the necessary hardware is included to ensure seamless installation.

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Champion safety

Reliability and attractive design

The new range of Brembo Xtra brake discs is characterised by special drillings which combines the appealing aesthetic effect with brilliant performance and effective braking in all conditions. Developed by the R&D department on the basis of its experience with car manufacturers and the racing world, the Brembo Xtra range is characterised by holes in the braking surface that can provide significant improvement to the brake system performance. The sporty look of Brembo Xtra, enhanced by UV coating, is combined with the guarantee of maximum reliability in terms of durability, performance and safety.

To each his own Xtra!
In order to obtain a powerful and safe product, during the design phase, the Brembo technician studied the number, size, shape and position of every hole for each specific brake discs of the Xtra range. The Brembo Xtra discs passed all tests on the dynamometer bench as well as on road.
Compact, Medium, Coupé and SUV car models are some of the applications selected for the Brembo Xtra range. The result is the most comprehensive and updated range of sport brake discs available on the market.

Xtra performances

Pad cleaning and regeneration
The holes produce a scraping effect that cleans the surface of the pad from hazardous material deposits, thus preventing that even the slightest amount of ferrous material – that come from the brake disc wear- can sediment on the friction material of the brake pad.

Wet brake performance
The holes serve to prevent water film that may form on the braking surface. Even when driving on slick roads the brake system responds effectively already at the first braking.

Brake system cooling
The presence of the holes leads to greater air circulation, resulting in improved heat dissipation capability and its increased performance.

Prompt response and less fading

The holes on the brake disc surface ensure high grip and efficient, prompt response.

Especially in the early stage of braking, the surface of the holes ensures optimal performance, thanks to the significant friction coefficient.


Maximum friction even at high temperatures
At high temperature combustion of the resins that make up the pad generates fading, with decreased friction between pad and disc.
These holes allow for rapid expulsion of gasses and a stable behaviour even at high temperatures.


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The specific range for high-class cars

Parts manufactured with a customised technical approach and special solutions.

The Brembo Premium range consists of composite and floating brake discs, with high performance and innovative solutions that includes special materials, machining of the brake surface and dedicated ventilations.
Thanks to these technological solutions, Brembo guarantees top performance also in extreme conditions, greater resistance of the brake discs and optimal driving comfort. The range covers top-end models by important car makers such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin and Bmw.

Floating brake discs: the top of the top
The range of floating brake discs includes 26 codes directly derived Brembo from OE production. The range encompasses the most exclusive and top performing applications that require high-performance braking systems that can only be guaranteed by Brembo experience in racing.
Floating brake discs have an aluminium hub that ensures significant reduction of unsprung masses, with a positive effect on comfort, handling and fuel consumption/emissions. The performance of the brake system takes advantage from the union of the disc hub with the braking surface in special cast iron, by means of fastening bushes. In this way, when subjected to thermal stress, this type of brake disc allows a radial expansion of the braking surface, thus avoiding permanent deformation and tensions.

The importance of the weight

The aluminium hub, instead of a cast iron one, allows the weight of the brake disc to be reduced by aprroximately 20%.
If compared with the vehicle weight, this reduction could appear marginal. However, it has a very important impact on fuel consumption, performance and car behaviour, since the brake disc is part of the vehicle’s unsprung weight.
In recent years, the reduction of the vehicle weight and of the unsprung masses is one of the main targets of the car manufacturers to meet the needs of greater reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

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