• RECARO-P-1300-GT-


The world innovation for professional motorsport with the license to win: its combination of maximum safety and individual comfort is what makes our new RECARO P 1300 GT so unique. It is the first racing seat in the world to conform 
to the new FIA 8862-2009 standard for “Advanced Racing Seats” and comes with fore-aft adjustment thanks to the flexible sidemount. With its replaceable pads in three sizes and the flexible sidemount, it gives drivers maximum personalization options. It is ideally suited for racing use with frequent and fast changes of driver. 
The RECARO P 1300 GT is approved exclusively for use in GT and touring car sport.

Standard features

  • Certified according to FIA 8862-2009
    (Advanced Racing Seat)
  • Seat shell made of carbon fibre
  • Developed for the use of HANS systems
  • Suitable for 4-, 5- or 6-point belts
  • Head protector
  • Shock-absorbing foam
  • Highly flame-retardant upholstery
  • Replaceable pads:
    Pad Kit M for drivers of medium build (standard feature)
  • FIA approval for 10 years

Accessories (at additional cost)

  • Flexible sidemount RECARO P 1300 GT ideal for races with driver changes (130 mm fore-aft adjustment, tilt angle can bevaried by max. 3° during installation)
  • Rigid sidemount RECARO P 1300 GT
  • Pad Kit S: Replaceable pads for drivers of small build
  • Pad Kit L: Replaceable pads for drivers of large build
  • Lumbar pad
  • Side support pad, seat cushion

RECARO P 1300 GT: the adapters are geared in their design to a floor pan tilt of 8.5°. Depending on manufacturer and floor pan group, adaptations may be necessary when fitting (130 mm lengthways adjustment; angle of tilt variable by max. 3° during fitting)


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