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HWA and Motorquality together on track.

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We at Motorquality are delighted to announce our new technical partnership with HWA, one of the most successful players in the international motorsports, for 2022. Together, we’re working to widen the portfolio of techincal support proposals to Racing Teams with state-of-the-art brake pre-bedding service.

Motorquality S.p.A.
Motorquality is “Technology for Sport”. The Company is active on the Aftermarket, Performance and Racing Markets both for 2 and 4 wheels applications, always supporting the Customer with outstanding solutions in terms of products and technical service; from road performance enthusiasts to racing professionals. Customer experience is our main focus. Over the years Motorquality has extended its international footprint with facilities in Italy, Germany and China.

HWA AG is an independent, 360° engineering specialist in the fields of automobile racing and high-performance cars. Formed in 1998 by Hans Werner Aufrecht, the company is based in Affalterbach (Germany) and employs roughly 300 highly-qualified members of staff. HWA AG offers all its products and services under the motto ENGINEERING SPEED: The company’s objective is to develop the best possible, high-quality solutions, in order to get its partners and customers to their destination quicker. The portfolio of services ranges from designing all vehicle components to assembling complete cars, together with the relevant logistics, after-sales and support services.

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